Project Management

Personal project management

MPA offers much more than architectural design. Often, project management is a critical component of our service to clients.
Michael brings the skills gained from large-scale commercial projects to every assignment, and that provides additional benefits in cases where clients are based in other centres and/or have limited time to ensure detailed oversight. MPA provide management support to every project, but if you need full support, we're there to help.
MPA offers a collaborative approach based on close communications and teamwork. MPA also brings a structured expertise to identify and define objectives. In practical terms, project management means that:
Goals are understood.
Timeframes are put in place. 
Outputs are measured against the agreed objectives in a clear and logical way
  Other consultants are sourced to ensure particular objectives, such as budget control or structural engineering requirements are met.
It's never just about the architecture
At MPA, we provide peace of mind throughout the construction process by always keeping you informed of progress on the projects.