Eco Design

Eco is not an add on
Sustainable buildings were once regarded as an expensive option, but that is no longer the case. At MPA, we consider the use of natural materials and sustainable technologies as essential to any well designed home.
What does eco design mean in terms of architecture and construction processes? MPA can help you navigate the complexities of green technologies with respect to local authority and building code requirements. In practical terms, it's about making choices that help a home - and family - maximise the benefits offered by the natural environment:
  • Thermally efficient design to incorporate passive heating and cross ventilation.
  • Solar supplementation to reduce costs for underfloor heating, hot water and other energy requirements.
  • Choosing natural, low maintenance materials for exterior cladding and interiors.
  • Super-insulating the home.
The bottom line?
Eco design can result in a home that is warm in winter , cool in summer, and yet cheaper to maintain over the longer term.
If you'd like to learn more about eco design, the following links provide a useful starting point: